Christmas 2023

It's all fun and games until Santa checks the naughty list

Aubrey's Christmas & Birthday List

Name Brand Color ID Number Reference
Workout DuffleBag Women's UA Undeniable Signature Duffle Violet Gray / Metallic Champagne Gold - 550 N/A I like this size and that theres a strap on the side for a yoga mat. I'm not super picky about style so if you find one that you think would be better, then go for it. Color preference of purple or black
Amazon list N/A N/A N/A Amazon List - Mostly for the knives or leggings.
Office Tshirts or Sweatshirts Any Any N/A Favorite Office Site - I like it to be a big so XL for shirts and 2X for sweatshirts
Workout Slides Women's UA Ignite Pro Slides ColorsMisty Purple / Deep Red - 601 N/A UA Slides
BeachWaver N/A N/A N/A 1.25 in. barrel
Ulta Gift Card N/A N/A N/A Will also accept Sephora Giftcard


Fun Things for Christmas!

Did You know...

  •  Jingle Bells was the first song that was broadcast from space!
  •  In the Netherlands, Sinterklaas (the Dutch version of Santa Claus) arrives from Spain, not from the North Pole
  •  In Armenia, the traditional Christmas Eve meal consists of fried fish, lettuce and spinach. (Bleeek)
  •  Japanese people traditionally eat at KFC for Christmas dinner. (Maybe we should go to Japan for Christmas)

Enjoy These Delicious Recipes!

Find Christmas events in your area!

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